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Learn all about the troubles in Belfast, what is was like to live through, what happened during the troubles and what it’s like now since the peace process.

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Belfast’s Chequered and Troubled Past

Tour in comfort with cost effective sightseeing as you learn the history of Belfast's political past as we visit the Belfast Peace Wall and surrounding areas in one of Chauffeur Me's luxury fleet of vehicles.

History of The Troubles

Discover the real story you won't get from history books as you hear about this turbulent period of modern history in Belfast.

Unknown to most, modern day Belfast remains a divided city. Forty kilometres of a physical wall, up to ten meters high in some locations separates two religious communities living side by side.

For more than thirty years, the controversial time known as The Troubles has had a powerful impact on the city and its residents.

Your Chauffeur Me driver will take you to the most historically important and interesting sites.

Understand the Stories

Belfast’s mural’s depict life and the views of both Falls Road and Shankill Road residents.

Explore up close, on foot, these world-famous murals that depict the social, political and cultural history of the city that earns its reputation as the largest, outdoor art gallery in the world and understand the stories behind them.

As well as the Murals and Peace Wall, we cover Crumlin Road Jail and Court House. Witness to killings, bombings and escape attempts, These Victorian buildings have been a major part of Irish history for over 160 years.

Enjoy the Belfast Political Tour in the comfort of our luxury fleet of vehicles as you revel in the knowledge of our friendly and experienced drivers who are there for you every step of the way.

Belfast Political Tour Locations

Shankill Road

Along with the neighbouring Falls Road, the Shankill Road, a mostly Protestant unionist area, is one of the most famous roads in Belfast, and it’s easy to see why.

Falls Road

West Belfast’s Falls Road was a violent flashpoint during the Northern Irish conflict. Falls Road is in a predominantly Catholic nationalist neighborhood that borders Shankill Road.

Peace Wall

If the walls of the cities could talk, they would tell us many stories, but in Belfast they do – and thousands of tourists come to visit the murals scattered around the city.

Cumlin Road Gaol

Crumlin Road Gaol opened its gates to prisoners in 1846 and for 150 years was a fully operational prison, housing murderers, suffragettes and loyalist and republican prisoners.

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